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FAQ's on our products

Find out the answers to our most frequently asked questions on our products.                                              

Multi Level Car Park How do I apply for a Pay on the Day Card (POD Card)?
You can apply for a POD card simply by sending in an email or calling our main office. We require a contact name, phone number and email address. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.

How does a POD card work?
The POD card is a reusable coded card which is used to discount a single stay at the car park when paying at the car park pay machine. Our simple four step instruction should be followed to activate the discount:
1:  Take a ticket at the entry barrier.
2:  On your return to the car park, put your entry ticket into the pay machine. When prompted to pay, put the POD card into the same ticket slot on the pay machine to apply the discounted parking rate.
3:  The machine will now return the POD card. The discounted parking rate should now be paid and your entry ticket will be returned to you.
4:  Drive to the exit barrier and use your paid ticket to exit the car park.

How do I collect my POD Card?
Your POD Card will be sent to the office of the car park your card will be valid for.  Alternatively this can either be collected at our main office or sent to a staffed car park of your choice.

How long does it take for me to get my POD Card?
Please allow 24 working hours for your card to be created and made available for collection at the car park. ID must be shown when collecting your card.

What happens if there is no one at the car park office when I go to collect my card?
Our attendant may be on a patrol elsewhere in the car park. Please press the help point button at the car park office and our control staff will be able to assist. Please note that our multi-storey car parks are staffed 7am-10pm Monday-Sunday (except SECC Car Park which is staffed 8.30am-10pm Monday-Sunday) when cards are able to be collected.

I have forgotten my POD Card and have parked in the car park, what do I do?
As a POD card is required to activate the discount at the pay machine you will not be entitled to the parking discount, the standard car park charges will apply (as per the POD card terms & conditions).

My POD Card is lost / faulty, what should I do?
Please contact us as soon as possible in order for our team to issue a replacement card. Please note that we will require 24 working hours for your replacement card to be created and made available for collection.

How do I apply for a season ticket?
An application form should be completed and sent to our main office for processing. Please see our season ticket page for more information and our application form.

How do I collect my season ticket?
Your season ticket will be sent to the office of the car park your ticket will be valid for.  Alternatively this can either be collected at our main office or sent to a manned car park of your choice.

Are season tickets vehicle specific?
Season tickets issued for use at our multi-storey car parks are not vehicle specific.

There is no season ticket or POD Card availability for the car park which I am interested in, what can I do?
We only sell a certain amount of season tickets and discounted parking products for our car parks therefore your chosen car park may have no availability. We operate waiting lists for access to our discounted products. Our waiting lists and discount parking availability are reviewed on a regular basis. To be added to a waiting list please contact us.

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